Format Launch: Science Meets Stakeholder – CREATE

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How can the energy-related refurbishment rate of buildings be positively influenced with the help of attractive taxonomy-compliant financial instruments?

This was the guiding question of the joint webinar of the “VfU Forum Real Estate” and the event series “Science meets Stakeholder”.


The real estate sector is undergoing a profound transformation. In addition to rising interest rates, the topic of sustainable real estate financing and the associated regulatory issues, such as taxonomy, are becoming increasingly present and widely discussed in the media. In this context, the topic of climate-neutral building stock and thus sustainable building stock renovation is increasingly coming into focus, as the building stock is responsible for about 40% of CO2 emissions in the EU.


After a short introduction by Prof. Dr. Tobias Popovic, HFT Stuttgart, on the importance of the building sector to achieve the climate goals, he and Joachim Jörg, HFT Stuttgart, presented the CREATE project.


CREATE (Climate Neutral Buildings and Sustainable Real Estate Finance), a research project funded by the BMBF, aims to support the financial sector in the development of taxonomy-compliant financing instruments. This should result in innovative and attractive financial products that positively influence the acceptance of energy-efficient refurbishment and aim to positively influence the refurbishment rate. Challenges, such as the procurement and utilization of reliable building and refurbishment data, overcoming obstacles in refurbishment and in obtaining loans, and meeting regulatory requirements are to be overcome with the help of experts, scientists and potential customers by strongly involving these groups of people in the project.


The workshop was attended by a large number of experts from the financial industry, who engaged in lively discussions on these topics.


The CREATE team is looking forward to the upcoming exchange with experts from the financial sector in order to gain further insights that can provide added value to the financial industry.


If you would like to join our circle of experts, please contact Jessica Reichard (