Climate Neutral Buildings and Sustainable Real Estate Finance


The collaborative project “Climate Neutral Buildings and Sustainable Real Estate Finance” (CREATE) aims to develop innovative financial and insurance products with the highest possible transformative impact, i.e., the highest possible decarbonization potential for the CO2-intensive real estate sector. It consists of three subprojects.

Subproject 1: Scientific conception and coordination

The first subproject focuses on the scientific development of the conceptual and theoretical framework.

Subproject 2: Involvement of Sustainable Finance Experts

The second subproject examines the behavior, needs and expectations of selected financial market actors in order to gain a better understanding of the drivers and barriers to the use of existing sustainable finance products. On this basis, innovative financial products for the reduction of climate-impacting emissions from buildings will be developed using design thinking principles and methods.

Subproject 3: Data availability, quality and analysis

The third subproject deals with the important topic of data availability, quality, analysis and evaluation, especially regarding the EU taxonomy.