Climate reporting by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)


The collaborative project “Climate Reporting at SMEs” (KliK) aims to investigate the benefits and value added of climate reporting at non-listed small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The project aims to provide aggregable and comparable information for financial intermediaries, investors and regulators by standardizing sustainability and climate reporting among SMEs and to simplify reporting for companies. The project consists of three subprojects.

Subproject 1: Company analysis, guide development, outreach and networking, coordination.

The first subproject identifies instruments and methods suitable for SMEs to measure and map sustainability activities, the need for action and the sensitization of SMEs to sustainable corporate processes and structures in the region. Based on the findings, a standardized framework will be derived that is oriented towards the possibilities and needs of SMEs. In addition, a supra-regional network will be initiated to advise the private sector on climate protection and sustainability.

Subproject 2: Cost-benefit and effectiveness analysis, corporate financing

The second subproject explores the demand for more transparency of sustainable activities, the contribution of sustainable financial products and financing options for the real and financial economy of SMEs and the necessary framework conditions.

Subproject 3: Social science methods and life cycle assessment

The third sub-project aims to deepen the scientific knowledge in the field of Life Cycle Assessment in business practice and to provide assistance for SMEs to integrate instruments and methods effectively, efficiently and independently into their business structures. With the help of a life cycle assessment at a practical partner, climate-relevant data will be collected for this purpose and its inclusion in the sustainability report will be tested.