Science Meets Stakheolder – ClimLabels

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“The role of Transition Finance in eco-labels and EU Sustainable Finance”.

This was the title of the second event of our Science Meets Stakeholders webinar series on 11/07/2023 with Malte Hessenius and Niklas Gehrke from Climate & Company and about 50 participants from financial institutions.

In this edition, which was aimed at financial institutions, the project “Transformation Labels in Climate Finance” (#ClimLabels) was presented. ClimLabels aims to show how the topic of #transition or #transformation can be systematically integrated into #financial products. On the one hand, this involves the systematic integration of meaningful KPIs, but also the design of orientation aids for small investors. The focus of this meeting was on a sub-project of ClimLabels, for which Climate & Company is responsible.

The speakers provided a comprehensive overview of the current state of transition finance in financial market regulation and products and presented the first results of their research. One essence from the literature: the more ambitious sustainable management practices and goals set, the more successful.

We look forward to continuing the constructive exchange on ClimLabels but also on other exciting topics and projects with our KlimFi research community.