Science Meets Stakeholder – ClimFiSoc



09. 11. 2023


14:00 - 15:30



Background of the event

“Sustainable Finance and Climate Protection” (SFCP) is the name of the BMBF’s accompanying project for the funding measure “Climate Protection and Finance” (KlimFi). In a dialog process, the fields of science, politics and finance are networked around the topic of climate protection and finance and findings from science are communicated to politics and finance. The VfU is responsible for the transfer of central results into the practice of the financial sector and to other relevant stakeholder groups.

The format Science Meets Stakeholders aims to support the interface between research and financial industry practice and provides a platform for scientists to exchange ideas with stakeholders. Goals, questions, needs and ideas are to be shared. Thus, valuable feedback on the relevance and enhancement of the research work can be provided by the stakeholders


This issue presents the project “The Institutional Logics of Climate Finance” or “Climate Finance Society” (ClimFiSoc). The collaborative project ClimFiSoc investigates the perspectives, incentives and restrictions of different actors in climate finance. What needs to be done to arrive at a society-wide agenda? The collaborative research project explores the positions of actors who are crucial for the German innovation and transformation path, but who have rarely been highlighted in the discussion on climate policy financing to date.

In particular, the two subprojects on public banks and development banks introduce themselves. The sub-project “Public Banks in Climate Finance” examines the role that two different types of public banks – public credit institutions and central banks – play in climate finance, both currently and in the future. The sub-project “Funding Banks as Transformation Banks” examines the role of funding banks in climate finance and the evolving landscape of sustainable financial markets. Both subprojects thus investigate actors that are caught in a tension between public mandate and financial economic logics.

Based on the first interim results, the event aims to initiate a discussion on where different ideas on the design of transformation finance clash, but also where potentials for cooperation emerge.

Target group

The event is aimed at employees from all financial institutions.