Virtual Advisory Board Meeting on 06/21/2023

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How can we ensure that the research results of the KlimFi projects are really relevant for practice? We asked ourselves this question at the beginning of the SFCP project period and convened an Advisory Board consisting of recognized representatives of the stakeholder groups relevant to the projects.

Already at our kick-off conference at the beginning of the year, the Advisory Board was able to provide the projects with insights into the wishes and expectations of the stakeholder groups. In addition to these important insights, we also receive valuable input in Advisory Board meetings on topics and developments that are of particular relevance to the respective stakeholder groups. This enables us to steer the design of our events and the feedback to the projects accordingly.

For example, we used yesterday’s virtual Advisory Board Meeting to identify possible points of contact between the Board and the projects. Our Science Meets Stakeholder webinars, which started last week with the CREATE project, are particularly useful for this purpose (insights will follow).

We are pleased to have found such qualified members for our board and thus to establish the link between science and practice: Silke Stremlau, Julia Taeschner, Prof. Dr. Thomas Dietz, Georg Lanfermann, matthias kopp, and Dr. Klaus Krummrich.

The entire SFCP team or Executive Board was also present at the meeting: Prof. Dr. Kerstin Lopatta, Prof. Dr. Alexander Bassen, Prof. Dr. Timo Busch, Anna Garms, Hendrik Brosche, Henrik Ohlsen, Patrick Weltin and Lisa Enders.