Climate Change and Global Finance at the Crossroads: Political Challenges, Political-Economic Dynamics and Sustainable Transformation


The collaborative project “Climate Change and Global Finance at the Crossroads” (SuFi) aims to develop an interdisciplinary analytical framework that collects data on the interplay of climate finance with civil society, financial and regulatory policy, making it processable and analyzable. The project aims to develop policy recommendations that create incentives for financial actors to become significantly more engaged in sustainable finance. The joint project consists of two subprojects.

Subproject 1: Private financial actors, government climate policy and sustainable finance

The first subproject focuses on financial market dynamics and the responsiveness of private financial actors regarding regulations, fiscal and monetary policy.

Subproject 2: Civil Society and Climate Finance

The second subproject focuses on civil society demands and campaigns and the interplay and reflexivity of all these areas among and with each other.